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idioticjoy's Journal

21 August 1990
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davis. eighteen. une femme. fangirl. internal flail-er. simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. that basically represents my views in life. i live for the small things in life. i'm enchanted by colors, they're distracting. a rainbow could honestly make me late for class but sadly, i never see one. i believe in fairness and justice. i'd be perfect on law & order, for sirius. as you can tell, i'm part dork and part weirdo, with a slight bit of hippie. i laugh loudly and it's even annoying for myself. sometimes i feel like i sound like a tool. then i talk to people on campus and i feel a bit better. i'm anti-violence. i believe the best way to defend yourself isn't with your fist, but with your words. oh, i know your heart belongs to someone you've yet to meet. someday you will be loved.

shows: supernatural. gossip girl. dollhouse. skins. weeds. pushing daisies. house. heroes. the oc.
dibs: sophia bush. jensen ackles. hunter parrish. jared followill. anton yelchin. cillian murphy. hannah murray. nicholas hoult. gaspard ulliel. ashley greene. jackson rathbone. jim strugess. jeffrey dean morgan. kristen bell. lee pace. matt dallas. milo ventimiglia. mitch hewer. natalie portman. olivia wilde. rachel mcadams. robert downey jr. scarlett johansson. sebastian stan. taylor launter. tahmoh penikett. thomas dekker. vincent kartheiser.
movies: cruel intentions. twilight. love actually. virgin suicides. marie antoinette. finding nemo. fight club. romeo+juliet. the departed. red eye. v for vendetta. across the universe. match point. munich.